“Our goal is to help you choose the safest and best performing adult sex toys!”

The Sex Toy Institute


Kandi Anderson

Senior Sex Toy Tester

My interest in all things sexually related comes from my work in the adult entertainment industry both in front of and behind the camera.

Being bisexual has also allowed me the chance to experience many things other girls have not.

As a result of my work, I have used almost every Sex Toy ever invented. This has enabled me to see which brands work and which failed miserably!

My experience has taught me not all sexual devices are equal!

Many do what they are designed to do, repeatedly and without breaking, while others are just cheap and nasty.

You can be absolutely sure if I recommend a Sex Toy or device, it will do everything you want it to do.

Whether that be pleasure or pain – is your choice!

Talk soon!


Kandi Anderson

Rhett Morgan

Team Leader

I’m a former Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialized in sexual behavior (and misbehavior!) Please note I am not a physician or general medical practitioner.

Sex Toys became a regular part of my client’s therapy when I realized just how much they could help overcome numerous sexual problems.

Everything from impotence and menopause, to the inability to orgasm, can all be helped by the creative use of adult toys.

As you would expect, my experience with the use of Sex Toys also extends to my private life. My girlfriend has an extensive collection and uses them regularly with spectacular results!

I have a few favorites of my own and am always looking for more.

Recently, a group of my friends, all extensive users of adult toys, decided to form the Sex Toy Institute.

Our aim is to test and evaluate as many sex toys/products as possible and let you know the ones that will really get your juices flowing!