Affiliate Disclaimer

We love what we do here at the Sex Toy Institute. The entire team has more fun testing and evaluating the sex toys and products featured on this website than we are prepared to admit!

The toys we consider to be safe, well made, and provide the stimulation they are designed to do, are the ones we will write about and recommend.

The rest of them we won‘t!

Some of the reviews we write may contain an affiliate link. This means if you purchase a product, we may receive a small commission from the supplier. This commission is not paid by you.

Any commission we might receive is poured straight back into this site. We can then afford to pay for more products to test and review.

When you consider the costs of web design, hosting, software, and the multitude of other expenses in running a site such as this, we certainly do not make a profit.

We do not accept payment from suppliers to review a particular toy. Only products that our team has bought anonymously and actually used are reviewed.

We do everything we can to provide you with all the relevant facts about each product/toy.

It is important to remember not every toy is going to please every single person who buys it. There will always be someone who didn’t read a review before purchasing and therefore has an unrealistic expectation of what their toy will do for them.

By the time you read our reviews and recommendations, you will know exactly what to expect.

In almost every instance you will see the overwhelming majority of comments from other purchasers of the reviewed toy, also support our opinion.

For this reason, you can buy the products we recommend with absolute confidence.


The Sex Toy Institute team